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Why SERVPRO of Waxahachie/Midlothian is the restoration company to call when a water heater bursts

1/11/2023 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO® of Waxahachie/Midlothian highlights six signs that a water heater is having problems that could lead to the rupture of the unit and water damage.

The fire and water damage restoration experts at SERVPRO of Waxahachie/Midlothian have experience dealing with many different property damage situations. In the event of a burst water heater, Midlothian, TX, homeowners can turn to SERVPRO of Waxahachie/Midlothian to provide water damage restoration and cleanup services. To help homeowners avoid the disruption, inconvenience, and expense of having to deal with a burst water heater, SERVPRO of Waxahachie/Midlothian highlights key indicators there may be a problem with the water heater.

Six key indicators that point to water heater issues

1. The tank is leaking water

One of the primary indicators that a water heater is in distress is water leaking from the unit. Identifying the leak will require a visual inspection if the appliance is seated in a pan with an evacuation pipe. Leaks usually start small and increase over time. Upon discovering a leak, shut off the appliance’s power and water supply. Immediately contact a reputable plumber to install a new water heater. For any water damage cleanup and restoration needs, contact a reliable and trusted property damage restoration company. Delays in removing any standing water and drying out affected areas could lead to mold infestation.

2. The TPR valve is malfunctioning

The TPR valve prevents the water heater from exploding by releasing excessive pressure. The buildup of rust and corrosion may cause high temperatures and increase pressure. A malfunction in the TPR valve may cause the water heater to explode. The homeowner should test the valve about once a year. Schedule a plumber to conduct the test and inspect the unit if needed.

3. The hot water is cloudy

The water heater may be in distress if the water is cloudy and has a metallic taste and odor. Mineral deposits may be the issue, which can impede the unit's normal function. An orange or red tint to the water signals that the tank and pipes are rusting. If the problem persists, contact a plumber for a diagnosis and remedy.

4. The tank frequently makes popping sounds

Hard water and the buildup of mineral deposits cause the appliance to produce cracking, rumbling, and popping sounds. Request that a plumber inspects the situation. Flushing the unit may resolve the issue.

5. There is a rotten egg or sulfur smell near or around the water heater

A gas-powered water heater may emit a rotten egg or sulfur odor, which indicates a gas leak in the line feeding the unit. In this case, shut off the gas line immediately. Contact a plumber to schedule an inspection and repairs.

6. The appliance produces little or no hot water

The buildup of mineral deposits or the failure of an element may explain why the water heater is not performing well. A plumber can diagnose the failure of a component and replace it. Annual flushing will take care of sediment buildup. The installation of a water conditioning system can remedy hard water issues. If left unresolved, these issues could result in a catastrophic failure of the unit and a major water damage disaster.

Who to call if the water heater bursts and causes water damage

SERVPRO of Waxahachie/Midlothian has been serving the area since 2000. They are locally owned and backed by a nationwide system of qualified franchises. Being centrally located in Ellis County means they are within a thirty-minute drive or less of any location in the community. The team specializes in residential, commercial, and large-scale disaster cleanup and restoration.

One of the many satisfied customers of the water damage restoration company provided the following positive review: “Cody and his crew were amazing! They came to our home in the middle of the night when our water heater burst. They immediately contained the issue, extracted the water, and set up fans to begin the drying process. They checked with me daily to ensure things were drying as expected and kept me informed throughout the process. I cannot recommend SERVPRO enough. Thanks to their quick response and thorough work, they’ve earned a customer for life.”

Contact SERVPRO of Waxahachie/Midlothian for more information about fire and water damage restoration services. The office can be reached by email at acarey@SERVPRO10932.com or by phone at (972) 935-0827.

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