Recent Before & After Photos

Roof Damaged After Fire

This home's roof was damaged after a fire. Our technicians attached a roof tarp to prevent further damage inside the house. 

Tree Falls Onto Home

This home was damaged when a tree fell onto it during a heavy storm. SERVPRO of Ellis County removed the tree and its debris, and then we attached a roof tarp ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Attic

The water heater in this home's attic burst and caused water to pool. Eventually, the weight of the water caused the ceiling to partially collapse. 

Fire Damaged Apartment

The fire at this apartment caused damage to the home's outer wall. SERVPRO of Ellis County tarped the wall which helped prevent precipitation from entering. READ MORE

Fire Damaged Apartment Roof

SERVPRO of Ellis County was called to tarp and apply a temporary patch to this apartment's roof after fire damage. 

Fire Damaged Apartment

After a large fire broke out in this apartment complex, many homes suffered roof damage.  SERVPRO of Ellis County patched everyone's roof. 

Mold Growth

This property experienced mold growth behind their drywall when one of their water pipes began a slow leak. 

Mold on Leather

This saddleback grew mold.  Our mold specialists were able to remediate the mold and recondition the leather. 

Laundry Pipe Leak

This laundry pipe leak caused mold behind drywall.  

Roof Damaged

This roof was damaged as a result of a strong wind storm.